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Press Release

Big Data Solutions and Bynfo have merged in February 2019. The new BDS Bynfo will become Finland's largest company focusing on data management and analytics. The company's employees have the longest and most profound experience in the market with knowledge management, cloud-based analytics and business and financial planning. BDS Bynfo employs 48 people and has a turnover of approximately EUR 4.5 million and is aiming for an annual growth of about thirty percent during the next five years.

Big Data Solutions

Big Data Solutions Oy is one of the leading Finnish data and analytical partners for companies that need comprehensive analysis and data-based business operation solutions. We offer modern cloud-based solutions that controls analytical-related expenses and enabling effective knowledge-based decision making. Our offices are sited in Helsinki and Tampere.



Bynfo Oy is a consultancy company focusing on analytics and information management services. Helping our customers succeed by benefiting from their business operation information. We provide consulting based on the customer's situation and needs, and support customers with intelligent solutions, which facilitate customers’ work especially in the reporting, analysis, budgeting and design processes.

– Saku Sell, CEO, BDS Bynfo

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