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Our goal is to enable data-driven decision making for Finnish organizations. Technologies make this possible, but without proven practices, the full benefits of investment will not be achieved. Therefore we have developed supporting processes and methodologies that enable continuous value creation. The operating models are based on a clear division of responsibilities, competence development, automation and continuous services.

BDS Bynfo Academy

BDS Bynfo Academy originated from the need to create effective processes for developing our experts' expertise. We discovered very quickly that our customers also have similar needs for skills development. That's why we expanded the BDS Bynfo Academy platform so that our customers can also utilize the learning content in the platform and create customer and project-specific course and competence packages.

Continuous Services

Although we live in a project-oriented society, we have been striving to create a continuous set of services that efficiently serve our customers' evolving business needs. Continuous services of BDS Bynfo enable partial or complete outsourcing of information management and analytics services. We can take care of the maintenance and support of a particular technological solution or analytical or reporting entity serving a particular business process. With the service, we ensure that our customers' data is always up to date and have the information available to support decision making.

Automation and Dataops

Cloud transformation has also enabled the flexibility of management services and agile methods. Today's theme is to automate everything that can be automated. This ensures efficient service production and high quality services. As part of our services, we have chosen the market leading solutions to maintain the architecture documentation and data flows, to schedule analytics services to meet the diverse needs of business, and to ensure that we react proactively to potential data quality issues or operational problems in source systems.


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