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BDS Bynfo Academy was born from the need to enable continuous learning of our own experts. We wanted to make the learning fun and more convenient. Something that you can plan and do whilst you have spare time from customer related tasks. 

BDS Bynfo Academy is based on a commercial LMS learning platform. The learning content is divided into 13 specific categories, called Building Blocks.

Building Blocks

BDS Bynfo Academy Building Blocks:

  1. X: Consulting and Leadership
  2. Y: Project Management
  3. Z: Business and Industry
  4. A: Agile and DataOps
  5. B: Serverless and Cloud
  6. C: Analytics
  7. D: Business Intelligence
  8. E: Data Science
  9. F: Data Modelling
  10. G: Databases
  11. H: Integrations
  12. I: IoT
  13. J: Architectures and Concepts

BDS Bynfo Academy is also available for our customers. The content can be extended with customer related learning material through Virtual Building Blocks.

The individual learning objectives and paths are managed through Learning Cubes.  The Learning platform provides learning progress reports and other relevant information for the individual learner and his/her superior.

Learning Cubes


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