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When a solution or service has been built, an investment has been made. The aim of the Continuous Services is to maintain the value and increase the return to investment. This is achieved by continuously developing the solution to meet the changing business needs.

The overall goal for the continuous services is to:

  • Ensure that the solution works and is available for the users.
  • Possible errors are corrected quickly.
  • Ensure that the solution is continuously developed to meet the changing business needs.
  • Minimize the workload by automation.
  • Overall responsibility of the environment and work coordination.

The aim of the BDS Bynfo Service Management BSM is to deliver high value Continuous Services to customers by facilitating the outcomes that meet the customers’ business expectations by using proven methods, processes and ways of working.

The BDS Bynfo Service Management is mainly based on following methodologies, standards, frameworks and best practices:

  • IT Infrastructure Library ITIL (processes, functions)
  • Lean IT (continuous improvement, eliminating waste, voice of customer)
  • Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban (automation, culture, projects and change management)
  • SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework (governance of the service portfolio, business mindset)


Processes used by BDS Bynfo are based on ITIL best practices to ensure that all is in place for high quality and fast Continuous Service.

From Lean BDS Bynfo has adapted the importance of continuous improvement to make sure that all elements of the Continuous Service are constantly updated and matters that do not add value are removed and re-evaluated. To make sure that we understand the customer business needs a voice of customer thinking is part of our way of working.

When it comes to agile methodologies, we have great desire to automate things to ensure that costs remain low and tasks are completed fast. We have also adopted Scrum to be the main way of handling the projects and change management because of the clear benefits it has over other methodologies.


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