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BI Expert Anu Ronkainen's shares her thoughts on her first month at BDS Bynfo

Anu Ronkainen works as a BI Expert at BDS Bynfo. She has years of experience in business development and administration, analytics and finance, and her specialization is within business analytics. ”I have worked as a CFO and a Business Analyst, and I found my passion is at business analytics. I enjoy helping companies to implement their growth strategy both in terms of revenue and profit, and also streamlining their operations.”


Anu’s current job duties include helping the customer in selecting the right candidants to certain roles as well as building customized reporting dashboards. She believes that the key to success is to serve the needs of the customer, which she found is exactly in line with BDS Bynfo’s principle. Not only Anu finds that she shares the same value with BDS Bynfo, but also she finds that she gets to evolve her skills and expertise while working. ”During my first 30 days in BDS Bynfo, I feel that there is so much to learn, and I am excited that I get the chance to learn from the best!”


Check the video below to hear more of Anu's thoughts on working at BDS Bynfo.


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