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From nursing in sunny Philippines to IT and Slush in Finland

Jaime Mabini was born and raised in Philippines. In order to get a good education, he had to move out on his own already at age of 14. Most of his family works in medicine, so he started studying basic medical studies. After two years he realized nursing wasn’t his calling.

“During my studies I heard from the other students about information technology, which felt a lot more interesting than nursing studies”, Jaime tells. He decided to switch to IT studies and found a working place as a technical support, which gave him some experience from the field.

Jaime’s mom lives in Finland, and they hadn’t seen each other in a long time. “So when she invited me to visit her for a holiday four years ago, there was no reason to say no”, Jaime says.

During his stay in Finland the school application period was open, and Jaime’s mom suggested him to apply. The decision between colleagues in Philippines and mom in Finland was hard, but family comes first of course, so Jaime decided to start the Business Information Technology studies at Haaga-Helia.

“The first three months here were awful, the weather was so horrible and it’s quite hard to make friends in Finland”, Jaime looks back. He is happy that things have changed, and he has found a lot of friends through his hobbies, school and voluntary work.

“I have been one of the volunteers at Slush multiple years now. It’s so international and diverse, and fun of course.” Jaime got even some leadership experience this year, as he volunteered as the leader of the technical group.

Jaime started his 6-month Data Analyst internship at BDS Bynfo in March 2018. After the trainee period he was offered a position as an Information Technology Specialist, and now he’s about to graduate from school.

Jaime feels, that the working environment is always about the same, but the people make the difference. “At BDS Bynfo the people are open and relaxed, not at all stressful. The staff is so diverse, that you can’t feel that you wouldn’t belong.

In Asia the corporate hierarchy is strong, but here Jaime appreciates that you don’t have to stress about sitting next to a director. “You feel like you are part of a family. The boss is not a supervisor but a leader. They show you what to do, not just give orders.”

“Usually it’s quite hard for a foreigner to get into a Finnish organization, the community is so closed. But here at BDS Bynfo we don’t talk nationality, we are all the same and we all belong here”, Jaime finishes.

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