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Marketing Manager Liting Aalto’s thoughts on working at BDS Bynfo

Liting moved to Finland in 2012 as an exchange student, and during her first 6 months in Finland she started to like the Finnish lifestyle and culture and decided to take an entrance exam to Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences. During the past 7 years she has fully settled in Finland, learned the language and built strong roots for her career. Currently she works part-time at BDS Bynfo as a marketing manager and beside her work, she is also studying for her master’s degree in information service management at Aalto University.

I joined Big Data Solutions in November 2018 as an Office Manager with duties in creating marketing content, events and managing the company’s financial side as well. After the merge between Big Data Solutions and Bynfo, my role has shifted more towards marketing, and I am currently working as marketing manager in BDS Bynfo. I really appreciate the flexibility and openness at BDS-Bynfo, as I got to choose to work part-time alongside my studies, and work in an area/subject that interests me.”

Liting’s background so far has been more business and logistics oriented and combining her previous skills with knowledge in IT creates a nice combination and helps understanding both sides of a business.

I started my master’s degree in data analytics in 2018. I chose to study IT related subject from pure interest, the benefits IT skills have in the future and the vast selection of roles these studies can direct to.

At BDS Bynfo I learn new things every day that are helping me to better understand how things really work “under the hood” of a business. And this also helps me greatly to reach my personal, professional goals.

Working for BDS Bynfo has given me the best possible seat for my self-development as I get to be in an environment where the country’s leading data scientists and BI professionals work with our customers. Also the working environment altogether is really great, starting from the small hierarchy and the team spirit and team work BDS Bynfo employees has.” Liting finishes.

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