Employee story

BI Analyst Manja Elfving’s First Impressions of Bynfo

I joined Bynfo in September 2018, so I’ve only worked here for a few weeks. My job title is BI Analyst and, in practice, I mainly work with SAP BPC software. It’s a hands-on job and being able to think analytically helps. It’s refreshing not to be forced to work according to a certain procedure, as this means I can also use my imagination.

I majored in accounting at business school, and my minor was information systems, so I’ve been interested in the subject for several years. I worked in financial administration for ten years, but then this area took over. BI is really in right now, as financial administration tasks are getting digitalized. That’s why I think it is worth investing in.

What I find attractive about Bynfo as an employer are the career opportunities and Bynfo’s way of doing business. Bynfo is a real BI company that always starts out from customers’ needs and is not led by technology. I like the fact that the Bynfo is technology independent, which means that we work with different software. In a company this size, I also really feel like a team member, not just a little frog in a big pond.

My first few weeks at Bynfo have been great. The job has been interesting and intense, and I’m glad that the people are so nice and welcoming.

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