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Consultant Sami Rouhe values the opportunities at BDS Bynfo

Sami started as a junior consultant in August 2018. He learned data management, how to produce, clean, analyze and visualize raw data during his internship at BDS Bynfo. Sami is now a data engineer, and he has been involved in various customer projects. With a light IT background, Sami quickly managed to master skills in computing, analytics, BI reporting.

At BDS Bynfo, I have been given many opportunities to learn different things and get hands-on experience. Before joining BDS Bynfo I obtained my master degree from the University of Turku. I also participated in several projects when I was working for Posti. During the trainee phase in BDS Bynfo, I learned the latest technologies and platforms for data processing, analysis and BI reporting. With these skills, I am able to identify and solve problems from every angle of the project

Sami helps clients to get the most out of data by utilizing dashboards and visualization, integrating data from various API sources, scripting automation with Python, and making various demos about different software.

"I'm glad that I got the chance to start as a trainee in BDS Bynfo and grow my career from there. For the projects I have been involved in, I mainly help my clients with:
  • Using the Software
  • For making dashboards and visualizations
  • Data integration from API sources
  • Scripting in Python (for example, scheduled AWS/Azure functions that used to be manual tasks)
This has been good from a learning point of view, and I really enjoy learning by doing. The projects and demos, which I have been involved in have been suitably challenging and interesting."

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