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Employee story

BDS Bynfo Consultant Samuli Mattila Appreciates the Relaxed Atmosphere

I’ve worked for BDS Bynfo for about four years. I’m a team leader and consultant, and my job involves many different types of tasks. I ended up at BDS Bynfo somewhat by accident, through the Analytics Pro training program. I have a master’s degree in fisheries science, so at least I was familiar with statistics. BDS Bynfo employees come from very different backgrounds, which means that the team is great fun and covers a wide range of skills.

Recently I’ve worked on a number of smaller projects, both in a leading role as well as in the background, responsible for carrying out the practical work. I’ve found, to my surprise, that I like being a team leader. I’d had no previous managerial experience, and I never thought it to be an appropriate role for me, but I was soon proven wrong. When you take responsibility seriously, you can learn a lot.

BDS Bynfo allows its employees to work remotely one day a week but I usually come to the office as it’s easier to work with the team. It is, however, useful to be able to occasionally work from home if I need to pop into my child’s daycare center or run other important errands, for example.

The advantages of working at BDS Bynfo include the great variety of tasks, low hierarchy and the fact that the employees are encouraged to obtain further training, and the budget for this is quite considerable. It’s great that the team still works in a relaxed atmosphere even though the company has grown. There is no rigid hierarchy here, and you work with the CEO in the same way as you work with everyone else. I believe in BDS Bynfo as a company, and the great career opportunities here motivate me to give it my best shot every day. I want to see the places where BDS Bynfo can go.

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