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In 2014, Örum was facing a situation where its processes and systems were completely outdated, too manual, and not fit for the new requirements. What the company needed was a professional and a drastic revamp in order to set up operations such as a modern online store. We started with the basics with Örum, like we always do. We discussed the company’s future goals and business objectives and assessed its current situation. Based on the data collected, we assessed what Örum needed to do in order to achieve its targets.
The system that most urgently needed replacing was the ERP system. We first tackled the master data, since adequate processes and capabilities to manage the master data had to be covered before any other measures were taken.

A New System Made a Difference

The ERP software chosen was Microsoft Dynamics AX. Our process includes advising and supporting companies in selecting their systems. We are technology independent, which means that we always find the best system for every customer. As we reached the
implementation phase of the ERP project, we realized that its pricing features did now meet the requirements of Örum’s demanding business operations. It made sense to introduce a special system. We invited tenders for pricing systems on Örum’s behalf, and a light SaaS-based software, Price (fX), was selected.

A Bigger Role and Reporting was Improved

Our role in the Örum project expanded as we were asked to take over the day-to-day management of the transformation project. Örum also made use of our Data Engineering expertise, and we took care of both data conversions and the mass data migrations from the old system to the new one. We were also able to revamp and improve the management’s reporting processes during the ERP deployment phase. We assessed the reporting requirements in collaboration with the main users and the financial administration, and we worked together to decide on an action plan. The reporting tool that we selected was Tableau. We carried out the integration of the tool and user training.

Henrik Lares
"Örum trusted us without hesitation and adopted our entire range of BI solutions. This package saved Örum tons of time and money."

Henrik Lares, partner, Business Consulting

Added Value Across the Board

What is special about the Örum project is that we have provided the company with almost every service we offer. Örum trusted us and adopted our entire range of solutions. We were able to move seamlessly between problems in the business and the IT systems, serving the company in both elements of its operations. For example, before the pricing project, discounts and their grounds were very vague. The project ensured that Örum has control over its pricing, and the sales team now have a tool to obtain the optimal margin. BDS Bynfo’s independence of technologies, its ability to adapt and learn, as well as our broad-based expertise have been the standout success factors in this project. We have been able to provide Örum with the entire package from start to finish.


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"We had applications, each of which searched for reports with different variables, so the
figures looked different each time. Thanks to BDS Bynfo, we are in a position for the first time in
the company’s history where we can easily access our business’s key figures."

Juho Luukko, CIO, Örum


  • We helped the management to clarify the objectives and measures of the transformation project
  • Pricing was brought under control and unprofitable sales were eradicated
  • The product management process was accelerated and streamlined when it became fully automated
  • The data conversions necessary for the ERP project took place accurately, on schedule and on budget

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