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Data Science is a multidisciplinary field which combines statistics and computer science, and is fueled by curiosity and creativity. Borrowing from mathematics and information science, Data Science provides a data-driven scientific method to use the patterns and insights which can be discovered from datasets of all sizes.



Data science is the next step in analytics, it helps analytics by bringing value and insights on top of the knew analytics. Analyics mainly focuses on statistics and descriptive analysis, while data science takes a step forward from analytics, brings both descriptive and predictive analysis for a business.


Why is Data Science important?

why is datascience important


Data Science in BDS Bynfo

At BDS Bynfo, we help to identify where our clients could use more detailed analytics, learning algorithms, predictions or anomaly detection to improve their businesses or systems. We  build specialist prediction software to be deployed as part of our client’s industrial internet applications. We have also helped our clients Data Science teams to find the tools and resources to fuel their own data-driven discoveries and solutions.

Our data science team has done different types of prediction, classification projects in different industries.


existing project experience in data science

We can also offer advanced analytics in industries like manufacturing, logistics, trade, wholesales, finance etc. Below is what cases we can analysis on manufacture, logistics and trade as an example.



Tools we used for advanced analytics

tools in datascience2