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birst logo_black-1With Birst you get the Best of Both Worlds – Enterprise BI with Blazing Fast Data Discovery.

Birst Enterprise BI delivers the speed, self-service, and agility front-line business workers demand, and the scale, security, and control to meet rigorous corporate data standards. Birst delivers all of this and much more with low TCO via public or private cloud configurations.

Birst is the only Enterprise Business intelligence platform that connects together the entire organization through a network of interwoven virtualized BI instances on-top a shared common analytical fabric. Birst has an integrated ETL, data warehouse automation, enterprise reporting, ad hoc query, dashboarding and easy-to-use self-service for end-user data mashup.

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Access Data from Any Device, Anywhere with Ease

End users have varying needs when it comes to their analytical experience. Birst has re-thought the analytic experience – looking “People In” – instead of pushing “Tools Out” to users. We call it an Adaptive User Experience, and it will transform how people interact with data. Working with Birst is easy and many of our customers are self-reliant.

Birst breaks traditional BI paradigms of builders and viewers, by turning all consumers of information into producers of intelligence. We blur the lines between BI dashboards and discovery and create an adaptive user experience that adapts to modern work styles.

You will see the same exact interface and data, whether on a desktop, laptop or mobile, either online or offline. Birst fits with the tools your users like. You can use tools like Excel, Tableau, Qlik, Cognos or R to analyze data from Birst’s trusted User Data Tier.

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Birst & Exasol Drive High Performance and Scalability

Birst, in combination with EXASOL, will provide an analytic, networked data tier that offers unparalleled speed and seamlessly scales to hundreds of thousands of users querying against complex data sets with hundreds of terabytes of data.

EXASOL combines in-memory, columnar compression and massively parallel processing (MPP) to analyze data and information at high speeds. Its in-memory database is specifically engineered to deliver unprecedented analytic performance, scalability and ease of use to its customers, and it tops the list in the TPC-H Benchmark tests for performance.

BDS Bynfo is Birst’s largest services partner in Nordics. With our delivery model and proven track record, we support new and current Birst customers implement and optimize their solutions to meet the rigorous business targets and maximize the ROI.

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