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SAP BPC (Business PlanningSap_bpc_hana_teknologia_logo and Consolidation) delivers a connected financial planning and consolidation solution, which facilitates business to make plans, forecasts, budgeting in a connected overview of all business units.


SAP BPC has two versions: SAP NetWeaver and Microsoft platform. It can be integrated with both SAP and non-SAP data. With SAP BPC planning and forecasting, businesses usually achieve 3%-5% savings in compensation expenses with increased scalabilities and performance. Using data-driven analytics, businesses utilize data-driven decisions from historical data: decision making are more efficient, business processes and planning are optimized, and revenue and profitability are increased. 

BPC 11.0 is the latest product offering built entirely on the next generation BW/4HANA architecture. BPC 11.0 has enhanced visualizations by integrating with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Traditional planning VS. Connected Planning

Building traditional planning

  • Concentrate on the planning of the LOB at hand
  • Defined business is in charge
  • Data format, integration and master data have important role

Building connected planning

  • Concentrate on architecture, integration, governance and process
  • Orchestrate between LOB 
  • Data format, integration and master data in critical role

How to utilize the data in Financial Planning

  • Financial budgeting and planning​
    • Strategic planning
    • Short term targets for revenue, expenses and cash generation
    • Fixed control mechanism for CFO
    • Cash flow reporting
  • Integrated financial planning​
    • Financial planning + workforce + sales planning
  • Financial forecasting and modelling​
    • End-user driven forecasting
    • Driver based forecasting. Linking of operational activities to the calculation of key revenues and expenses.
  • Management and performance reporting​
    • Performance playbooks, explaining results
    • Key performance indicator dashboards

How to utilize the data in consolidation:

  • Consolidation of financial statements
  • Cash flow reporting
  • IFRS accounting principles used in financial reporting
  • Currency translation
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Journal adjustments
  • Complex ownership structures
  • Minority interest calculations
  • Investment management 

Our BPC solutions include:

  • Consulting services to build and map corporate planning processes
  • Planning model implementation
  • Key user and End user training
  • Planning model auditing
  • Performance evaluations
  • Planning cycle maintenance services


SAP BPC interface 

sap bpc interface


Read more about SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP BPC is designed for Planning, forecasting and Consolidation, it facilitates businesses with reporting and decision making. 

SAP Analytics Cloud is designed for Combining Business intelligence with Planning and predictive analytics. SAP BPC is a hybrid deployment with SAP Analytics Cloud.

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