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Wherescape is a strategic technology partner for us. We are experts in data warehouse automation using WhereScape software, especially with integration to Snowflake data warehouse. wherescape


WhereScape automation software can help you provide data and analytics to the business 80 percent faster, with less cost and risk. It supports your business and development from data infrastructure design to deployment and operation. WhereScape automation makes it easy to evolve, expand and port to your data platform. There is considerably reduced cost,  limited risk, and greater consistency. There are 3 automation software in WhereScape, which are fully documented and easy compliant to your data infrastructure:

  • WhereScape® 3D - Quickly and easily plan, model and design all types of data infrastructure projects.

  • WhereScape® RED - Fast-track the development, deployment and operation of your data infrastructure projects.
  • WhereScape® Data Vault Express™ - Make Data Vault 2.0 delivery a practical reality by automating the entire life cycle. 

WhereScape Automation

How you can benefit with WhereScape:

  • Help you to manage a hybrid data warehousing environment
  • Reap the benefits of Snowflake faster
  • Make it easy to move data between on-premises and cloud platforms
  • Eliminate hand-coding and speed up data warehouse development by 80 percent
  • Fast-track new infrastructure and migration projects
  • Increase your development and operations capabilities


WhereScape Automation for Snowflake

WhereScape helps Snowflake customers deliver data infrastructure projects by automating key workflows based on Snowflake native functions, wizards and best practices. It maximizes your organization’s return by shortening the data infrastructure development life cycle. With WhereScape, you can manage your entire data infrastructure—both in the cloud and on-premises—in one central location.



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Watch the 2 minutes video and hear Ben Rudall, Director EMEA Sales & Alliances at WhereScape talks about design and deploy data warehouse automation with WhereScape.


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